Chinese evade censors, as HK journalists stopped at Tiananmen

China Daily Mail

A call for unity in Hong Kong comes as many online are remembering the day in veiled references and by posting photos and memes

As more than 100,000 protesters are expected to attend the annual vigil in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park on Tuesday night, mainland Chinese censors have taken several measures to prevent public remembrance of June 4, 1989, online and offline.

Candle icons posted by thousands of people on Chinese microblogs have been censored by Sina Weibo. The images appeared on Monday as a way for people to voice their grief for the scores of workers killed in a blaze at a chicken slaughterhouse in Jilin province.

On Tuesday, Sina Weibo took action to prevent similar expressions of grief for those killed in the armed crackdown against protesters in Beijing 24 years ago.

Dozens of related search terms have been also blocked from microblogs, including the words “today” and…

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